One of the most significant steps as a part of restructuring of TISS has been the creation of the Office of the Dean of Research and Development. The need to achieve a strategic focus in terms of current research as well as developing an agenda for future knowledge development is the primary mandate of this Office. Read More


The coursework for M.Phil and P.hD students is designed so as to provide an enabling environment to further research using both qualitative and quantitative techniques. Basic courses that provide a knowledge base in theory and practice of research, axillary courses that enhance skills in scholarly writing as well as thematic courses are all part of the mandatory coursework at TISS. Read More


In 2013, the Office of the Dean, Research and Development initiated support towards publication of bibliographies, working papers, manuscripts and books. A TISS Working Paper (WP) series was launched in this regard in 2013. The aim of the series is provide a platform to students and young faculty to present recent work (at all stages of research) which has not been published so far. Read More


The Office of R & D has created a support workshop system where scholars are provided inputs and guidance on academic writing. Conducted on a weekly basis, these sessions are an effort to create a cohesive atmosphere within a group setting to support the journey and enhance problem solving. Attention is given to vernacular writing and ways one can find one’s voice and strengthen the written word. Read More