About Office of Dean Research & Development

One of the most significant steps as a part of restructuring of TISS has been the creation of the Office of the Dean of Research and Development. The need to achieve a strategic focus in terms of current research as well as developing an agenda for future knowledge development is the primary mandate of this Office.

The Research Development Cell’s (RDC) primary role is to help facilitate strengthening of the Institute’s research capabilities; proactively promote basic research and monitor quality of research work done. The RDC will be a mechanism through which the reorganised Board of Studies could design and promote quality, cutting-edge research work. The BRS through the RDC will work with the Schools to identify areas / issues for focused research and proactively work to realise publication possibilities. Centre and school specific flagship publication opportunities will be particularly prioritised and realised. The RDC will work with the Schools to address the issue of mainstreaming M.Phil. and Ph.D. scholars in research and teaching programmes.

A Research Committee headed by a Dean has developed framework for up-scaling and enhancing the research activities at the Institute. It includes some of the following strategies:

  • As part of linkages being established with institutions and universities in India and outside, identify and develop opportunities for the faculty to engage in research and teaching with them. Modalities to free up faculty members from all other responsibilities for a period of time to build on and consolidate their research and field action related work. Based on clearly defined criteria for eligibility, a few faculty members could avail this opportunity each year. Propose Roundtables, Conferences and Working Groups on a series of thematic areas central to the work of the institute faculty to enable discussions, publication of papers and reports. Develop framework to link with Economic and Political Weekly and other publications to bring out quality publications and reports from Roundtables, Conferences and Working Groups, etc.

  • Modalities of accepting, reviewing, benchmarking, refereeing and publishing working papers etc.

  • Secure resources to provide visiting fellowships to cholars from within and outside India to join teaching and research work at the institute;

  • Secure scholarships to facilitate recruitment of high quality research scholars to our M. Phil. and Ph. D. programmes. This is a critical and priority for enhancing the TISS doctoral programme.

  • Create substantial reserve of Research Fund to facilitate research work around core thematic areas of centres. This is to enable the faculty to apply for resources to the TISS Research Fund for basic research and reduce dependence on sponsored research on agenda different from ours.


Presently, to strengthen research activities in the Institute on all fronts, the Office of the Dean of Research and Development

  • Convenes the activities of Institutional bodies such as the Research Council (RC) and the Institute Research Board (1RB)

  • Provides support towards dissemination of research work undertaken by faculty and research scholars in the form of working papers, manuscripts, books etc.

  • Collaborates with other universities, research centers on projects and financial assistance for PhD students to increase research networks in various disciplines of social science research. Oversees the activities of the Doctoral Students Office (DSO) that provides administrative support to research scholars.

  • Facilitates the provision of necessary research, academic, administrative, and financial support to research scholars (M.Phil/PhD students)