Academic Writing Workshop

The Office of Dean, Research and development offers academic writing support in the form of group sessions where Anna (Sr. Programme Coordinator, Research and Development) works with scholars in small groups (6-10) on a weekly basis to support the struggle scholars may have in any stage of their work. These sessions are an effort to create a cohesive atmosphere within a group setting to support the journey and enhance problem solving. Attention is given to vernacular writing and ways one can find one’s voice and strengthen the written word. Addditionally, the setting of the sessions offers encouragement to all, helps in understanding obstacles that adult learners face, builds a supportive writing support and community and makes structured attempts in addressing writing blocks. In the process of groups, if scholars need individual support, an attempt is made at providing them the same and also referring them to appropriate avenues/persons. The unique pedagogy of the sessions in the form of coaching activities/exercises is helping research scholars to overcome their hurdles in the journey of academic writing. Some of the quantifiable activities that have been formed part of these sessions are as follows:

  • Sharing of access to related activities and academic, publishing, conferences, seminars, grants available.

  • Support in situating one’s self and in exploring research related spaces.

  • Support of other related writing to assist in one’s academic work.

  • Activities having a critical gaze at the hurdles in academic writing and finding ways of moving forward.

  • Problem solving in resource finding within or outside the current frame work.

  • Critical appreciation of each other’s work.

  • Sharing of research work which opens up wider avenues for linkages across disciplines.

  • Discussing/encouragement on adhering to the time-frames for submissions & making students accountable for their individual work submissions on/before deadlines

  • Acting as a sound-board for bouncing off ideas.

  • Conducting mock presentations for giving scholars comments and constructive criticism, as needed, before actual academic presentations.

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