RC Proposals

The Office of the Dean, Research and Development welcomes faculty members to submit proposals to the Research Council for funding. An important strategy to facilitate Research and development activities was the creation of a substantial reserve of Research Fund to facilitate research work around core thematic areas across schools and independent centres. This fund enables faculty to apply for resources to the Research Council by submitting a research proposal so as to reduce dependence on sponsored research.

Each research proposal received by the centre is sent for a blind review to a referee (a panel of senior and experienced researchers in the relevant field) who comments on the clarity and focus including rationale of the proposed study, logical flow of ideas, methodology, feasibility, originality and contribution to knowledge. The reviewer’s comments are shared with the researcher to help strengthen the proposal. The updated proposal, post verification (incorporation of reviewers comments and budget scrutiny), is sanctioned by the Dean, R & D. The maximum funding per annum for a proposal is three lakhs which includes financial support towards expenditure on research personnel, travel for field work, stationary and communication expenditure is provided for.

RC Proposals – RCProposals-Guidelines

RC Proposals – Guidelines for Reviewers

RC Projects

Research Council Projects

Researchers Project
Mr.Anand Dodamani Provision of Assistive Technology to Support Visually Challenged Students in the Library and Information Centres: A survey of the University Libraries in India
Prof. Vrinda Datta New Horizons Child Development Centre Collaborative Research Project – Childhood Developmental and Psychological Disorders – Trends in Diagnoisis and Intervention
Dr. Leena Abraham Knowledge Networks and Social Relations in Agriculture
Sthabir Khora Atrocities on Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe and Women – A study of the final reports under the Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe (prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989 and 498A of Indian Penal Code
Asha Achuthan Women's Writings Across Contexts: Cognitive and linguistic universes
Ritambhara Hebbar A study of Tribes in South India: With special reference to Karnataka
Shilpa phadke Unfriendly Bodies: Talking to young men on streets
Dr. Meena Gopal &
Dr. Nandini Manjarekar
Public Welfare institutions, reforms and gender: The reshaping of lives of women in the mill precint of bombay: 1985 to the present
Vijay Raghavan A situational analysis of minority communities among the NT-DNTS: A study of Maharashtra
Saigita Problems of Ageing Women-A Study of M (East) Ward of Mumbai
T Jayaraman Agricultural science in Colonial India in the years 1876-1947
Samta Pandya Life after Retirement for Highly Qualified Professionally Achieving Women: Understanding Dimensions and Nuances
Dr. Monica Sakhrani A Study of the Democratic Rights Movement in Mumbai
Dr. Meena Gopal &
Dr. Nandini Manjarekar
Public Welfare Institutions, Reforms and Gender: The reshaping of lives of women and girls in the mill precinct of Bombay: 1985 to the present
Anjali Monteiro &
The 1992-93 Mumbai archive
Anjali Dave City changing forms of violence: non-domestic intimate relationships forming and violating womens aspirations for autonomy in urban life- a study of the experiences of special cells in Mumbai city (Urban Aspirations)
Sunil Santha Profiling and Conceptualizing social enterprises: A study on sustainability, innovation and change-making strategies in Mumbai (Urban Aspirations)
Monica Sakhrani A study of the democratic rights movement in mumbai (Urban Aspirations)
Amita Bhide Exploring challenges and potentials for gendered governance in cities (Urban Aspirations)
Guru Balamurugan Study of periodical changes in physical features and its impact on natural resources in Mumbai using geoinformatics techniques (Urban Aspirations)
Ilina Sen Livelihood Organizational Experiences, Culture, Democratic Consciousness among three generations of women from among the former textile mill worker families of mumbai (Urban Aspirations)
Sai Thakur The Salt makers of Mumbai (Urban Aspirations). An additional budget of Rs.88,500 sanctioned on December 6, 2013, towards extending the contract of the research officer involved in data collection
Asha Achuthan Women's Writing Across Contexts: Cognitive and linguistice universes
Dr. Zeba Imam &
Dr.Ilina Sen
Creating Gendered Citizens
Dr. Tejaswini Niranjana Groundwork for Creating a Bilingual Pedagogy Manual
Dr. Antra Bhatt Hakhu Occupational patterns in sex ratios in India: An analysis


Working Paper Series

In 2013, the Office of the Dean, Research and Development initiated support towards publication of bibliographies, working papers, manuscripts and books. A TISS Working Paper (WP) series was launched in this regard in 2013. The aim of the series is provide a platform to students and young faculty to present recent work (at all stages of research) which has not been published so far.

Working Paper Series: Notes to Contributors

RC Working Papers: Guidelines for Reviewers